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How We Work

Following lists what is Datum Branding's preferred working relationship and working environment with their clients and it hopes clients will also resonate with the same ethos.

Ideal Clients

Datum Branding works at its optimum when clients at the decision level are looking for a dedicated and personable consultants who believe in the old fashion way of doing business - earned trust. It believes in an environment of mutual trust, respect and admiration because from these values that are in the visionaries themselves, great branding can be birthed. It is a cordial working relationship and one that is less transactional but more relational. After all, brands affect how we live, our lifestyles and improving the quality of life on a societal level.

Conceptual Planning

Datum Branding's strengths are in brainstorming sessions on project feasibility analysis; concept planning and themes of a given project.

Master Planning

Working closely with the client, the master planning stage commences with an in-depth analysis of the selected proposal. There is an exploration of alternatives, offering professional views on opportunities and constraints, planning and establish design principles.

Design Development & Detailed Design

The design process involves thee stages: concept, schematic, and a detailed design layout with each stage seeking the client's approval. The final approval then goes to production and finally the deliverables expected.

Fees and Charges

Datum Branding looks at each project as being unique and its price quotation is dependent on the scope of work required. For each project, a consolidated lump sum fee will be charged which is typically broken down into different stages of a project's commissioning.

Contact karen@datumbranding.com for a quotation