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Case Study

The Client

Alkaff Mansion

Sitting majestically atop Mount Faber is the former weekend retreat of the Alkaffs, a wealthy Arab family who came to Singapore in the mid-19th century to join the spice trade. Constructed between 1910 and 1930, the Alkaff Mansion is one of Singapore's more expensive and elegant restaurants today, offering international cuisine and an Indonesian-Dutch Rijsttafel buffet. In 1988, it was meticulously restored to its former splendour, complete with antiques from the 1920s and a beautiful garden full of indigenous plants and fruit trees.

The Challenge

Alkaff Mansion wanted to project the concept of a home from home for its customers. At the same time, it hoped to cater to tourists who were interested in how a wealthy Asian family lived during the 1930s and the ambience, furniture and fittings were especially designed, preserved, restores and displayed for this purpose.

Datum understood the brand’s heritage. A key challenge was to refresh the brand while retaining the logo, distinctive European/Aisan style inherent in the brand name. Alkaff Mansion also needed to focus on evolving its experience and service to differentiate the brand from other fine dining

The Solution

While keeping the look and feel of the "old world" concept, a more efficient, stronger visual statement provided user-friendliness and flexibility for its marketing and in-house collaterals.