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Case Study

The Client

Bernard Harrison & Friends Zoo Consultants

The team behind the first, second, third and fourth Night Safaris in the world, Bernard Harrison & Friends Team provides expertise in three specialized areas of - Concept Design, Master Planning & Animal Husbandry. 'Zoo man' Bernard Harrison, the man behind the success of Singapore Zoological Gardens & Night Safari, started BH&F consultancy after more than 29 years of international zoo experience with principal partner Tina Lim Long. The Bernard Harrison & Friends Design Team offers a variety of services in zoo master planning & exhibit design which specializes in naturalistic exhibits & landscape immersion. Our services include conceptualization, master planning, design, landscape architecture, structural engineering, project management & environmental planning.

The Challenge

With the myriad projects all around the world, BH&F felt it was time to produce a corporate brochure to capture the essence of their brand. As it was a simple 12 page brochure, the communication had to make the biggest impact with brevity and simplicity. One of the additional challenges is to find a way to list their ongoing projects which needed to be updated often.

Datum Branding’s Solution

To reflect the a world class team and global expertise, we developed the BH&F brand to be one that would make a bold impact in a simple and sincere manner befitting a company that delivers on promise and combines a unique value to the world in being part of nature’s fragile eco system. The corporate brochure features a strong visual on its cover and simple and to-the-point information on its people, project and principles. because the main target audience are heads of states and governments of the nations they design zoos and other environmental projects in, the brochure and other collaterals have to also communicate visually in places where English is not necessary their mother tongue.