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Case Study

The Client

Change Alley In Hitachi Tower

Change Alley used to be a cluster of shops in the financial district of Raffles Place in Downtown Singapore. The place was a major shopping mall in the city for decades, used to sell a wide range of goods. The place is named after the Change Alley of London, where stockbrokers congregated. The alley has a tenant mix of fashion, food, jewellery and services. Today, Change Alley captures the old memories of this famous alley way being a similar narrow strip of specialty shops located on the ground floor of Hitachi Tower.

The Challenge

With the launch of the new Change Alley, a robust marketing and promotional campaign was planned. Working with PR Company, Directions Pte Ltd, the brief was to promote all the specialty retail shops that line to the office workers in the building as well as the surrounding vicinity.

Datum Branding’s Solution

With such a strong history behind the concept, DB set out to capture the essence of the days of old as well as give it a contemporary twist. Collaterals were sent out to databases regularly reflecting the theme of the season. An special bound commemorative book was also launched at its inaugural opening.