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Case Study

The Client

Club 21

Club 21’s success as an international leader in lifestyle luxury is supported by full vertical capabilities. Its core mission: to deliver stylish and progressive solutions to modern luxury requirements while retaining integrity in everything they do. During the early to mid nineties we were privileged to be involved in a designing and delivering marketing and advertising collaterals for a number of top fashion lines held by Club 21.

The Challenge

With every new brand, a series of promotional materials like direct mailers, newsletters, magazines and event invitations were needed to be produced. As high net worth individuals were the target market, solutions have to reflect quality and fine taste of each brand.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Successfully captured the essence of each brand eg: Armani, Ferre, Max Mara etc as well as Club 21’s house brands, to extend the brand experience to the recipients. The images above would best show what this means.