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Case Study

The Client

Contact Singapore

Contact Singapore was an initiative by the Prime Minister’s Office to promote working and living in Singapore. It works with partners in industries, professional organizations and institutes of higher learning to link Singapore based employers to a wide network of global talent. Through these partnerships, Contact Singapore's international offices facilitate the exchange of information on employment landscape and industry developments to individuals who are interested in pursuing a rewarding career and lifestyle in Singapore. Their five international offices located in China (Shanghai), Europe (London), India (Chennai), North America (Boston) and Singapore are staffed by highly motivated teams who are focused on creating the greatest value for global talent keen on exploring working and living opportunities in Singapore. To support the transformation of Singapore into a compelling and dynamic city by attracting highly motivated individuals and entrepreneurs, facilitating the mobility of global talent and engaging talent in value-creating relationships.

The Challenge

Contact Singapore sought to develop a brand that would communicate the vibrancy of Singapore as a place to work and live. Together with Hill and Knowlton, one of Singapore’s largest public relations firms, Datum Branding was called to be the creative component of the team to translate the Singapore brand in this first ever initiative.

It was challenged with creating an identity that would complement the wide range of opportunities available. While at times the brand would live on its own, it would most often serve as an endorsement for multiple platforms. Another challenge was to create design guidelines and assist with the collaboration of all of its centres and organizations so that the Contact Singapore brand would be implemented consistently and effectively in all its marketing collaterals.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Datum Branding created an identity symbolizing the diversity of Singapore’s background with a fun and friendly interpretation of its name. Vibrant colours help enhance the brand essence throughout the range of marketing collaterals. The brand identity of yellow and green communicates newness and a fresh start. The brandline “explore, work, study, play, live, contact” supported the logo and the brand’s proposition. Succinct brand guidelines were created to support the many partners with very diverse backgrounds who would implement the brand.