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We are representing Ms Jennifer Phillips, a talented Stunt / Fight choreographer from Hollywood who has worked on blockbuster Movie and TV serials like MI3 and Spiderman, Lost, CSI Miami and Law and Order.

Darren HeathJennifer Phillips
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Jenn was born in Singapore on 27,April 1967. She left for the United States in 1987 to study Communications at California State University, Sacramento, with a minor in Broadcast Journalism. On graduating, she started a martial arts school, training people of all ages in the myriad disciplines of the craft. Her fortunate break came when a director approached her to stand in for a stunt and the rest is history.

Jenn provides creative fight choreography for film, television, and stage. This includes extending an actor’s ability to sell a fight scene convincingly. Each member of her 35 crew has their own unique abilities, and specialties. Because of this, we are able to provide a variety of fight sequences that range from Hong Kong style fight choreography, basis hand to hand combat, to weapons handling. She also provides training for actors so that they may safely and dynamically wield a variety of weapons, and be able to perform action skills effectively. She has provided individuals and coordinated fight scenes for various productions including Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie’s Angels, Mission Impossible III, and other productions listed above.