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Case Study

The Client

Mark Chan

Mark Chan is one of Singapore’s premier composers. A Singer/Multi instrumentalist/Poet and Painter in his own right, his unique combination of East and West shows in the fact that he trained for 9 years in classical Chinese bamboo flute and also 7 years as a Western Counter-tenor. His musical career spans a good 19 years and is surprising for its constant freshness and reinvention of a very distinctive style established back in the 80s and refined and matured up til the present day. It is a seamless thoroughly integrated blend of Asian and Western, traditional and modern, classical, pop and avant-garde that always retains its primal beauty through his distinctive and memorable melodies and his cutting harmonies. Datum Branding was approached to create a promotional collateral for Mark.

The Challenge

Mark wanted a promotional package to reflect the content of his works and showcase his six original operatic works for an international Music and Film marketing convention in Cannes, France. It had to capture his personal branding as well as be a strong and aesthetically attractive marketing tool to stand out from the crowd, rouse the target audience’s interest and bear in mind Mark’s unique personally.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Utilising Mark’s strong Oriental personality, depicted by the dominant use of red and black, the promotional package was designed to be memorable, clearly understood and able to maximise value for money. The use of just 2 colours met this need and no compromise on designing a well balanced, contemporary and sophisticated look. The package consisted of 6 booklets which featured photos and the libretto of each of Mark’s operas and a 6CD folder that were held together by a paper band. Mark’s distinctive signature added an iconic flourish. The package was also presented to then French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac.



“Looks great!
GO go go...
I appreciate very much all the effort!

Btw, we presented a copy to Jacques Chirac at the French President’s Office”