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Case Study

The Client

NETS Singapore

NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd was founded as a result of a need for a centralised e-Payment operator by Singapore’s local banks: DBS, Keppel Bank, OCBC, OUB, POSB, Tat Lee Bank and UOB. The first product launched was the NETS EFTPOS (electronic fund transfers at point-of-sale) service. This allowed Singaporeans to use a card and a PIN number to automatically withdraw funds from their bank accounts at points-of-sale. In 1996, NETS introduced CashCards – a stored value smart card for use in retail purchases. In 1997, all vehicles in Singapore were fitted with special readers when the CashCard was adopted as the sole payment mode for Singapore’s road toll payment system. By simply driving under an electronic gantry, toll charges are automatically deducted from the driver’s CashCard - a fast, unobtrusive payment mechanism that allowed traffic to keep flowing.

The Challenge

NETS sought Datum Branding to develop a series of marketing collaterals and packaging system that would communicate the qualities of the NETS EFTPOS system, the first of its kind in Singapore. Of particular importance was making sure the content was user friendly and easy to understand.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Research revealed that consumers were unclear about the emerging payment services category. There was little understanding of the proposition. Consumers were intimidated by the technology and unsure about incorporating it into their lives. Datum Branding crafted a simple series of printed information materials that were friendlier and more approachable.