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Case Study

The Client

National Library Board

NLB is a network of borderless libraries linking all publicly-funded libraries in Singapore to overseas libraries and information services through computer networking. By bringing libraries closer to the public, the NLB places the wealth of knowledge and information within easy reach of all Singaporeans. The vast and continually growing collection of books and multimedia materials allows the library to be one of the most extensive warehouses of information. Through its links with local and overseas information databases, the NLB provides users with global access to information anywhere in the world. The NLB is continually developing and offering new and improved services to its diverse users, and expects to realise its goal of becoming a highly respected information hub in the 21st century.

The Challenge

At the time when NLB was re-branding itself, Datum Branding with PR company Hill and Knowlton were tasked to design a series of educational collatorals to inform and teach end users their new suite of service. The corporate branding and colours were to be incorporated. The NLB’s logo offered the inspiration.
The sturdy blocks depict NLB's range of comprehensive services and facilities that are available at all its libraries. The three pages represent the library system's three-tier concept - regional, community and neighbourhood libraries and the outreach programme to bring information to the doorstep of every household.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Taking its inspiration from the NLB’s logo, DB developed a simple brochure with the brand colours for the library users nationwide. With 2.5 million printed pieces colours were kept at a minimum for cost effectiveness yet not losing on design and style. The concept was based on a bookmark.