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Case Study

The Client

National University of Singapore
Faculty of Engineering Annual Reports 2004 & 2005

The Faculty of Engineering (FoE) at the National University of Singapore has an illustrious history going back to 1968. It is ranked among the top 20 of the world's best universities and top 3 universities in Asia. In the latest survey by Times of London, NUS ranked No. 8 in the world’s top 100 technology universities. Over the years, NUS has made substantial contributions to the industrial and economic growth of Singapore, not only through training several generations of engineers but also by spearheading research and development in many areas across technological and geographical boundaries. Today, NUS FoE is a vibrant community of 8,500 students and 600 staff members, comprising eight major departments: Bioengineering; Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Environmental Science & Engineering; Industrial & Systems Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. With an increasing international student and staff population, the Faculty has developed into a truly cosmopolitan environment for tertiary education, emphasizing both fundamentals and applications.

The Challenge

NUS FoE’s has nurtured engineers with a global outlook, and a passion for innovation; and to be a leading source of innovative technologies, products, and processes. With a vibrant inter-disciplinary environment, the wide range of programmes, the stringent yet flexible admission criteria, and the diversity of curriculum are designed not only prepare their graduates to meet rigorous professional demands, but also nurture them into leaders of enterprise and society. Their Annual Reports were to reflect this.

Datum Branding’s Solution

For the 2004 Annual Report, DB and editor Lynn Tan proposed the theme of “VISION” with a strong image of a child’s eye as a symbol of a future of possibilities. This theme was translated to the content where both faculty and students were showcased for being people who made things possible. In the 2005 Annual Report, “Engineering and Beyond” reflected the diversity of curriculum with multiple pathways to their future careers.