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Our fourth involvement with the NUS FSAE Race Car project was in 2009. We secured a number of press and media for the project including a full documentary for local TV. We were privileged to serve a bunch of dedicated, disciplined and passionate group of student racecar engineers We were also a 2009 Silver Sponsor for the project.

We organised a talk by Steve Slater on 20 August 2009 to the NUS Mechanical Engineering Faculty who gave an engaging talk to over 350 students on the engineering aspects of the Formula One racecar through its history. Prof Chan Eng Soon, dean of the NUS Faculty of Engineering, later presented Steve with a token of appreciation. Two NUS FSAE race cars were also put on display while the question and answer session continued between students and fans of the popular celebrity F1 commentator from ESPN Star Sports (PDF Press Release).

logo-today Today
Teo Xuanwei was one of the few journos who got the first news of the FSAE team as the only team from Asia to be placed in the top 20 in a three-day intervarsity competition in the United States. TODAY's daily readership is around 584,000, with more than half its readers being professionals, managers, executives, and business people.
logo-st   The Straits Times
The veteran motorsports writer, Mr Christopher Tan, was also one of the few who quickly featured the results of the 2009 FSAE as they passed through the checkered flag in USA. Mr Tan went straight to the point with his editorial titled, "NUS Car beats Japan."
logo-tamil   Tamil Murasu
In the story, "Vigneshwaran's Fast Car is Asia's Best", on of the 2009 FSAE Singapore Indian lads was featured on his journey to design and build the one and only Singapore made Formula racecar. Vignesh was the first Singapore Indian on the 2009 team and we were very proud of his achievements plus he was an easy going and gallant young man to work with.
Vasantham (Naam)
Naam is a weekly, info educational magazine, which will showcase issues relating to our local community. In the story, once again FSAE first and only Singapore Indian Vigneshwaran was featured on his journey to design and build the one and only Singapore made Formula racecar. The 15-min spot is equivalent to S$50,000 ad dollars in both media and production cost. Here is the trailer.

We wish to thank all our friends in the media for their warm hospitality and interest in the art and world of Formula One’s award-winning photographer, Darren Heath. For PDFs of the print articles listed, please email karen@datumbranding.com