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Case Study

The Client

National University of Singapore
Faculty of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Department

In keeping with Singapore's development into one of the world's most competitive economies, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has grown from a modest class of 55 in 1969, to a population of more than 2200 undergraduate and graduate students today.

The Department, comprising over 70 academics, 60 research and 70 support staff members, attracts students with its strong emphasis on engineering fundamentals and applications. Its undergraduate degree programmes are tailored to pique students' curiosity and enhance their analytical abilities whilst stimulating their creativity. To help fulfill its mission, the Department receives substantial funding support from Government, industry partners and overseas institutions. Its high-quality and often interdisciplinary research programmes and numerous collaborative projects help the Department forge strong links with research institutes and industry and contribute to the technological upgrading of local companies.

The Challenge

The Mechanical Engineering Department wanted an admissions brochure to market these programmes.

Datum Branding’s Solution

A simple yet impactful marketing tool in the form of a brochure was designed to not only sell the programmes but at the same time provide a simple solution to get noticed first among the myriad documents the potential students coming to the Mechanical Engineering Programmes. The main message highlighted its key student engineers who were breaking new grounds in R&D engineering projects to illustrate a “heroes of mechanical engineering” theme.