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Case Study

The Client

(Rimba International) Bernard Harrison & Friends Zoo Consultants

BH&F’s themed attraction concept for Singapore’s Sentosa Island which involves a permanent dining-with-the animals attraction call Rimba. Diners will get a chance to eat in the company of 500 animals including lions, cheetahs, bats and snakes and 2000 trees. Most of the animals will be freely roaming within their enclaves behind glass partitions. Others will fly overhead as a three-in-one attraction. That is , Rimba is a wildlife attraction, a restaurant and a lifestyle retail store.

The Challenge

With the formation of Rimba International, the company needed a brand identity that was unique and different. It had to feel “wild” yet elegant, fitting, yet contemporary. The first phase of the project was to produce set of corporate stationery items with the new corporate identity.

Datum Branding’s Solution

In answer to the brief, DB incorporated BH&F’s iconic “Mayan panther” and translated that to be the Rimba branding. The graphic was exploited to various parts of the application. The unexpected use of colour was to bring a contemporary and edgy feel to the usual expected zoo graphics. Because the concept included a lifestyle component, Rimba was also to be a place that was both trendy and different yet doing the good work of conserving wildlife, flora and fauna.