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Case Study

The Client

Tangs Studio

Tang's Studio offering upscale and contemporary fashion clothing was launched in 1990. The store created trendsetting initiatives in Singapore like the first in-store magazines, speciality stores within a store, and its own house brands. A niche upscale store during the decadent 1990s it catered to a new breed of well travelled upwardly mobile individuals or yuppies.

The Challenge

Such an iconic store will also need memorable marketing and promotional materials to maintain and sustain the vibrant life of the store. DB was tasked to work closely with its marcom department to come up with creative, trendsetting solutions to match the stores bold marketing programme.

Datum Branding’s Solution

Successfully captured the essence of each season and store promotion to extend the brand experience to the recipients. The images above would best show what this means. The scope of work included concept and design of the first monthly in-store magazine – Tangs Studio Quarterly as well a a host of other store collaterals. As an integral part of Tangs’ marketing team, many of the trends in branding, design and marketing brought a new era in retail marketing which we are proud to have been associated with such an open and magnanimous client who truly thought out of the box. Working for CK Tangs’s Tangs Studio has been the highlight of our career. View just some of our projects above.