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Case Study

The Client

Asia Pacific Breweries (APB)

"Touché, bière nouvelle is Asia Pacific Brewery’s newest product combines the finest in traditional beer brewing methods with that of traditional winemaking and sets to be the leader in premium and boutique beers. Singapore is the first country in the world to feature Touché, bière nouvelle, a new and unique drinking expression. Touché, bière nouvelle is beer brewed with champagne yeast. It is a new and innovative beer that combines the twin European traditions of wine making and beer brewing. Touché was developed in conjunction with the R&D team from Heineken, a leader in the world of beer brewing. Its target market are the young, trendy, and upwardly mobile.

Touché is presented in an elegant long-neck 330 ml bottle which is specially produced in France and imported to Singapore for Touché. This bottle is crafted to produce a fine frosted finishing. There is a trademark glass-shaped, clear window in the front of the bottle through which you look, to enjoy a specially commissioned art-work rendered with 5-colour printing. The frosting, artwork and clear window all serve to reinforce the expressive, individual and stylish personality of Touché, bière nouvelle.

The Challenge

Extending from the main branding produced by the company’s agencies, Addison Design and Redefine Design, we were tasked to capture the spirit of chic elegance and yet trendy appeal in the brewery’s range of bespoke premium and boutique beers with a new bottle illustration capturing the “Romance of Singapore” and with its consumer website. The bottle illustration to be is the second done on the the specially commissioned and manufactured glass bottle. The content of the website was more event driven and a place where people could view their party pictures. It had to be easy to navigate and get information quickly.

Datum Branding’s Solution

To reflect the expressive, individual and stylish personality of Touché, bière nouvelle," we developed the look and feel of branding essence in retaining its dominant orange colour as a unifying theme in its website communicating to a young, chic market. As for the illustration, the iconic Marina Bay was the backdrop for the theme, “Romancing Singapore.”



"Your drawing is excellent."

Ms Andrea Teo, Head of Innovations
Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

"Congratulations!! The Touché website looks fabulous. The Touché website has greatly impressed the Heineken HQ in Holland."

Ms Violet Oon
Violet Oon Consultants


Touché wins an award at the
Singapore Star Awards 2003