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Talks And Seminars

Karen Hoisington offers enrichment skills and conducts motivational talks in her field of expertise and her pet interests. These talks deal with current issues and trends where critical thinking and the right skills can make the added difference. Sharing from her own life stories and experiences, these talks can with customised with their value-laden content that participants have benefited from. Here are a current listing of topics for adults unless indicated:

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Innovation DNA
This course begins with the premise that good ideas in itself is not enough. They need to also create value to their end users. So how do we place creativity in the context of innovation so that the end result--whether a new product, service, or process--is expected to deliver real value to customers and the bottom line? In this simple presentation, learn the processes of taking up the charge, guided by strategic initiatives that call for specific goals achieved through innovative thinking tools.

“Instead of simply encouraging workers to be creative, give them tools to "stretch their thinking and develop new perspectives,"...Make innovation an "all-the-time, everywhere" process.” -- CNNMoney.com, April 16, 2008


Creative Thinking Skills (Youth Level)
Bright ideas! Clever solutions! Why do some people have loads of them? What is their secret? Can their methods be learned? What is creative thinking? This course is designed to cultivate creative techniques. Examples of the world's greatest thinkers will also be discussed -- from Leonardo da Vinci to Mozart -- to learn their secrets to the idea-generating process in simple, easy-to-follow steps. Each creative thinking strategy includes practical techniques.


It’s in the Bag!
Motivational Talk on Personal Branding and Style

The handbag is an essential accessory for the 20th century woman. Since 1900, the outside of handbags has become just as important as the inside. They are no longer just utilitarian accessories but have become fashion statements! Designers have been inspired to create beautiful bags to match or express every fashion movement through the century. Many of these handbags are works of art if not engineering feats in themselves. This talk and display will be a marvellous, lavishly illustrated jaunt through one hundred years of handbag history. Decade by decade, examples of the main trends are illustrated, along with samples of the eras' most remarkable and unusual high-quality pieces.

"You were a natural and presented a most interesting talk on vintage bag" - Radio Talk Host
"Thanks so much for making time to share your passion and business experience with other like minded business and professional women." - President, IWFC
"It was an enjoyable evening with you and I’m looking forward for more!" - Participant

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How to Read a Book
Three strategies for improving both are presented in this program. The first suggests reading during the day, for short periods in a quiet place, for maximum efficiency. One method demonstrates how to divide words into groups on a page as an effective way of improving reading rate. The SQ3R Strategy (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review), developed by a leading reading expert, is also examined as a strategy for improving reading comprehension.

“Must let you know that I enjoy your seminar on “How to Read a Book” - Ms Irene H.
“Thank you for all your hard work in teaching and training us how to read. You are a great teacher and we appreciate all your effort.” Mrs Dorothy J.
“Once again, thank you for all the hard work that you've put in to inspire us, motivate and impart to us tools on how to read. I have been so blessed by the series. It has not just given me new tools but also a refresher course on reading.” - Ms Charissa E.
“You are an EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC & FUN teacher with RICH resources too. I have enjoyed learning from you.” - PC Tan


Brand U Seminar (NEW!)
In today’s highly competitive work environment, the key to success is not to blend in but to stand out. Job security means developing marketable skills, making oneself distinct and memorable to develop your net worth and influence. This seminar aims to provide the fundamental skills and tools to communicate effectively for today’s world and be one’s own brand.