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Talks And Seminars

Karen Hoisington offers enrichment skills and conducts motivational talks in her field of expertise and her pet interests. These talks deal with current issues and trends where critical thinking and the right skills can make the added difference. Sharing from her own life stories and experiences, these talks can with customised with their value-laden content that participants have benefited from. Here are a current listing of topics for adults unless indicated:


Innovation DNA
This course begins with the premise that good ideas in itself is not enough. They need to also create value to their end users. So how do we place creativity in the context of innovation so that the end result--whether a new product, service, or process--is expected to deliver real value to customers and the bottom line? In this simple presentation, learn the processes of taking up the charge, guided by strategic initiatives that call for specific goals achieved through innovative thinking tools.

“Instead of simply encouraging workers to be creative, give them tools to "stretch their thinking and develop new perspectives,"...Make innovation an "all-the-time, everywhere" process.” -- CNNMoney.com, April 16, 2008