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What We Do

The motto of Datum Branding is "Making Others A Success."

From the very beginning, DB intended a different kind of company to serve its clients to achieve what it desires for them - success. The first two fundamental components to achieve that would be the quality of its people, and the class of its services. It is driven by the spirit of its brand hero, David Ogilvy's "Only first class business, and that in a first class way." The second component is to make value propositions that create not only a long-term investment in the personality of the branding but also a long-term investment in its relationship with its clients.

We solve branding problems or invent branding needs for:

  • a major business event, such as a merger, acquisition or divestiture
  • a new offering, enter a new channel, change their business model or expand
    into new markets
  • ideas to generate excitement among external audiences
  • ideas to engage internal audiences in order to believe in the brand
  • re-establish their unique, relevant point of difference

Whatever the challenge, there's one constant: successful brands speak with one voice. That's why our initial focus is to help clients articulate a core brand essence through a distinctive, ownable idea that is relevant to customers and differentiated from their competitors... yet easily understood and effortlessly recalled.

Discovering and applying the core brand essence is evident in all of DB's practices:

  • Brand Engagement
  • Consumer Branding
  • Corporate Branding
  • Digital Branding
  • Environmental Branding

Transforming brands that transcend competition is the core value that drives DB. Following are some of its competencies:

Brand Strategy

Datum Branding help clients identify their specific brand challenge — whether corporate, consumer, retail or environmental. DB works together to create relevant value propositions, design solutions and behavioural implications using disciplined tools and processes designed to rationalize the strategic business objectives behind a product or corporate brand.


Design is one of Datum Branding's most tangible products. It is where it gets to express its biggest dreams for its client's brand. DB strives to present a clear picture of what the brand is and how to project it to various audiences. From conception to execution, its designers work closely with realization experts to create memorable brands that can also be implemented practically. DB’s experience and knowledge enables it to quickly initiate strategic brand changes in the marketplace.


It was once said that "successful branding is not about boardroom applause. It's about uncovering unique customer insights, capturing brand loyalty, broadening appeal and, ultimately, increasing profits and measurable shareholder value." DB sets to adapt to each challenge to best realize this potential.

DB's clients are serviced by integrated project teams who ensure all brand elements are grounded in a singular conceptual platform, working in harmony towards a common perception. This holistic approach is a DB's heritage and capitalizes on our strong teams of designers, writers, strategists, architects and implementation specialists in regular collaboration.